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Hug #4

July 24, 2010

Hug #4July 22, 2010 3:45-4:45
Van Buren & State (in front of ‘The Eye’)


I am most struck by the attention we received here also, maybe it is the backdrop of the art object, that makes it more obviously performance. A man came by and asked, “are you making performance art?”

The two ladies we met just as we were greeting we amazing, struck with our intention, but really engaging with us for some time.  We got lots of hugs on this day, and many many smiles and positive energy given to us.

There are several things I am loving about this project so far. The first is undeniably the hug. The length of it. The giving and receiving of this connection and intention. I feel our combined energies as extreme joy. Is there such a thing? I feel it positively. And I feel that positivity is contagious, and does spread as we present the work in the public realm.

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