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Hug #6

August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010 1:25-2:25
Buckingham Fountain



Somebody’s armpits must be sweating” –comment from a woman passing

It WAS hot today. Except at that moment when the wind changed directions for about 10 minutes, and the fountain was a gentle rain at my back. I noticed the dry spot our bodies left, because the spray was coming directly from the side. It felt great. Just as a bunch of tourists on bikes started circling around us.

When we first started hugging today, I said to Aurora, “Ah, there you are!” Now, the physical act has a memory attached, and the feeling has an influence. The hug is giving me such elation, so much positive energy that affects my environment. And my body looks forward to it. I wonder if we are releasing endorphins, or some change in our hormones or chemistry. Did we alter the path of the fountain spray?

Our new sign was amazing today (made by Aurora), we could concentrate on the hugging more easily because people didnt have to ask as many questions. We still had great conversations and interactions though, and people still hugged us and hugged all around us. They took pictures from far away too, which I took to be a sign of our visual appeal.

We gave our bHug #6, the balloonsalloons to three girls who were around during the entire duration of the hug, the family was just hanging around as they played together and practiced their gymnastic moves. We got our picture taken with them, and as we walked back to get our sign, we noticed two people hugging, having their photo taken in front of the sign. The sign had worked without us! That gave us an idea for next week.

As we were leaving our spot, a man said to us, “Did you stop because we hugged near you?” And we answered, “No, it was just time to go.” His response– “Oh, so its a union hug!” Thats right, we clock out after an hour. We have already spoke of changing that, but for now, its what we have time for, and what we can offer consistently. Otherwise, this idea continues to progress in an experimental way.

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