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Hug #13

September 22, 2010

September 21, 2010
2-3 pm
Wrigley Square, at the corner of Randolph and Michigan

“thank you thank you! I needed a HUG!”

Defending our HUG is tricky business. Its hard not to get angry and argue with the security that decides we are a threat or worse yet, inappropriate. Today, like at Chase Plaza, it started with our sign. We cannot promote anything on Milleneum Park property because Liberty Mutual bought all the rights to promotion. No soliciting of any kind, not even HUGS. They pay for that privilege, and no doubt a high price. Even the sidewalk around the Park is private. The security guard did double check for us, and we were allowed to stay, to continue hugging. Our sign had to be “hidden” behind the wall. Some people still would sneak a peek though, and rip a flyer off the outlawed board.

Hug #13, Wrigley Square, September 21

the HUG sign, hidden in this spot, so as not to interfere with Liberty Mutual

Two notes I received this week about HUGS. One, from a friend from Syracuse, for a time we were inseparable. She said, “I still have the book you gave me entitled: “Hugs” from 20 years ago– you wrote inside the cover: To someone who enjoys hugs just as much as me! Do you remember that book??? 🙂 Hugging you today, ole friend!!” I guess some patterns are meant to repeat. I am reminded of the lives I have led I often forget. Its amazing how actions come back around. The other note, from James Moeller, recalled a story he heard the other day about hugs on NPR. Supposedly hugging someone triggers body chemistry that is good for both the hugger and the hug-gee! Of COURSE it does!!

We are lucky, Aurora and I, to be able to create the time and energy in our lives for this action.

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