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Hug #15

October 11, 2010

Wednesday, October 6 2:15-3:15 pm
Monroe and Lake Michigan (on the lake path)

“how about a kiss for $10?” -out of a passing truck window, crossing Columbus and Monroe

“hey, and when you’re done here, why dont you come hug in front of us for a while?” -by three “sailors”, strolling with drinks in hand, leary eyed and vulgar


Hug #15 Hugging on the Lake Shore Path, Monroe and Lake Michigan Drive

Hug #15 Hugging on the Lake Shore Path, Monroe and Lake Michigan Drive


Aurora got us each some hot red corduroys at the Thrift and we donned them for Hug #15. Mine are candy red Tommy Hilfigers with a laced up front, way too sexy. Fit perfect. I feel the power. The power of my sex?

I noticed yesterday images passing, drifting by. Women emoting sex and power all over the transit. Long hair winding back from the face, giant fans, dark halos, sultry eyes gaze captured in forever garbage. I soar just above the water expanding forever in all directions.

(Yesterday, during rehearsal with the Ginger cast, she guided us through an imagined landscape. Mine included a Baio sea nomad female. She is crouched easily, in a small boat, cooking, with a low thatched roof above her head. Her expression is so simple, relaxed, so open. I imagine myself her as I work with the directives Ginger is giving. My hands stretch out in front of me, toward the horizon, my gaze expanding outward, then as my hands drift back, they become like wings and I imagine I am flying over the expanse of the sea. It is then when I notice the billboards rolling by over and over on Michigan Ave. Larger than life, I see these women as the objects they become. The idea ___ is imposed on the human, I reckon mostly on the female. She is a fearless icon, so structural and cultural, naturally. The Mother. She can depict all things, project all things. The male icon too, the Father, I see those projections too.  I myself, identify with my own gender more easily. These images continue to pass.)


Hug #15 Flyer tied to the balloons we left tied to the spot

Hug #15 Flyer tied to the balloons we left tied to the spot


Our Hug is a quiet one, we don’t speak for the duration. And a few people speak to us but mostly drift by themselves, strolling, photographing, enjoying the warm sun on their skin. On Thursday at work, a coworker, Phil McCann, asks if I was hugging someone in all red by the lakeshore yesterday. He made the connection when he saw me, maybe remembering the hot red pants I was wearing the day before. His smile big as he relayed the story of him and his wife coming upon us, joyfully suprised, the day before. I realize that Aurora probably saw him, but I didn’t, as I was facing away, and he could not see my face. I am aware of my limit of 180 degree view. I see how this view is expanding now–experience of two together become doubled. What happens when we start to add three, to add four? And more?

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  1. amanda tyson permalink
    October 24, 2010 7:39 am

    With three or four your view strangely expands and narrows at the same time, concentrating more on those you are hugging instead of the onlookers.

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