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Hug #16

October 15, 2010
Hug #16 Sketch of Sara and Beth by Emil

Sara and Beth
Wednesday, October 13 1:00-2:00 pm (central time)
Adams St. bridge (West of Wacker), Chicago

We thought it would rain, it POURED in the morning. Beth did buy us an umbrella just in case, and to contribute to any future need for  “all-weather hugging.” Something we have yet to endure, rain and hugging. The sun came out did come out, as it has for  every hug so far.  So I called in the order of balloons to Rosa, and introduced her to Beth. As usual with Rosa, smiles all around. Smells divine. Then Beth and I some back to my work to change, gather the sign, camera, phone, keys, balloons, and head out. Both of us all in red, just walking down the street with our sign and balloons. A little parade, I think;  this is a ritual, and I am indoctrinating a new member. How fun! Beth asks me great questions about the hug, like what do we say when people approach us, if we talk while we are hugging, if we look at people. I start to get excited as I answer her, and she says she feels a bit nervous, mostly excited. Aurora is in San Diego today, hugging her mother, at the same time we hug in Chicago. We suppose we will shift the planet, at least a little bit 😉

It feels so fresh today! I am so excited to hug! As we start, I feel Beths face buried in my shoulder. Her face and her belly is warm. We lean slightly on the railing of the bridge. We feel the vibrations as the buses cross, the big trucks. It moves so much, it makes us laugh. I watch people cross the bridge. They have to move around us, and  I watch the people watching us, and I smile at people that catch my eye. Many smiles are returned. Beth is facing the sign, so she reports when people stop or pick up the flyers, or turn around to look again. Her voice is filled with the delight of it all.


Hug #16 Adams Street Bridge

Hug #16 Beth Bullock and Sara Zalek on Adams Street Bridge


The hugging feels really, really good. Two girls pass us, and go all the way across the bridge as they read our flyer, hug each other, then come back to hug us. They take our picture. They are so sweet and encouraging!  I see a man stop about 20 feet from us and start to draw us. I tell Beth. She giggles. A group of people stop to watch him drawing. They look at us again. They probably wonder if we are connected somehow. We are now! Our hugging brings us more friends and fans every time we do it. I also notice other people hugging more. Just the other night I was riding home on a small side street in near Ravenswood. I could see from two blocks away two people in the middle of the street. As I approached, they started to hug, and the man was facing me, and he smiled. For me it was like a sign. Beth told me it was the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. We are simply sharing the pattern of hugging, and it keeps showing up in our lives now, how magical!  I feel invigorated, and Beth says she feels it too. I hope she comes and hugs with us again. ❤

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  1. mal permalink
    November 19, 2010 5:14 pm

    HI, about a month or so ago, two huggers were out front of the art institute. I was there with my best friend from high school, graduated in 1968! anyway,….I gave her a big hug and we stood there laughing and we think you guys are the best. We had a few strange looks from the non touchers but I yelled over to you….hey look hugger here!!!!

    you waved… there any plans for a giant group hug or dance? It would be so fun to plan one in the burbs. Like stuffy Woodfield Mall. I work at IKEA…..that place really needs a group hug!

    HUGS TO YOU ALL !!!!!! mal

    • November 22, 2010 2:20 am

      We are trying to plan a group hug in February, for Valentines, or close to it. Love for you to be there! We have also started doing more than one couple hugging at the same time, if you are interested, please let us know! At the moment, we are focused on being on the city, but we will talk about taking it to the suburbs.
      Keep lovin’ hugs.

      Sara and Aurora

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