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Hug #18

November 4, 2010

Friday, October 29 1:30-2:30 pm
Michigan Ave. and Monroe, median

“Oh! I like your mustache.”

Hug #18

Hugging a stranger at Monroe and Michigan Ave. in the median

Social Hug. Visible Hug. Flirty Hug. Lasting Hug.

This day I am completely rambunctious. I am excited. And loved. I watch people in cars at the light notice us and smile at us as they point and talk excitedly. Fills me with gratitude and love. I can’t contain it. I whisper in Aurora’s ear, she giggles and jiggles, she too, is filled with the spirit we intend to put on display. What I love most is the genuine feeling we portray, the direct interface with people we ordinarily pass on the street. On these days, in these moments, we are more than the two of us, we are more than our creative collaboration.

We are universal.

We speak to people directly, with open hearts and open minds. We are doing our thing, and we are encouraging others to do the same. To be loving. To be sharing. To be Hugging.

And We Hug.

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