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Hug #24

January 11, 2011

Hug #24
Thursday, December 16 8:30-9:30 am
Dearborn and Monroe

It has been nearly a month since this hug occurred. Thinking back now it is hard to recall exactly how it felt that morning, getting up early, biking downtown, and then planting ourselves outside the Dearborn blueline stop to greet people as they came out of the station. I know that it was cold but not as cold as I had expected. I know we held on tight to one another. I know it felt familiar. A lot of people smiled but I cannot recall anyone stopping to talk with us.

It has taken me a month to respond to the hug. I am worried I am losing steam. Or perhaps, I tell myself, there is just a need for our project to evolve somehow, if not in content then in contextualization. I want our project to evolve organically but I also want to push it. Because sometimes you have to kick your own butt to make stuff.

I deem 2011 the year of awesome artmaking. I vow to make art that:

– Connects me to other people
– Asks audience members to be participants
– Engages strangers
– Addresses the singular nature and history of each site
– Challenges me both physically and mentally
– Illuminates the everyday
– Makes people uncomfortable
– Is more about living life than making art

It has been almost a month since I’ve hugged Sara continuously for an hour. In the last couple of weeks I have traveled south to the Mexican Yucatan, west to the coast of California and east to Vermont. Along the way I had a lot of adventures, but I missed her immensely. I have an imprint of her body on my body and it aches when we are away from one another for too long. If nothing else, HUG has had a great impact on our friendship and intimacy. I am so grateful.

I am excited to see how our project and our friendship evolve in 2011.

my mother and sister doing a strange kind of hug at Uxmal, a site of ancient Mayan ruins in the Yucatan

me doing thai massage on my sister. Something like a hug?

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