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Hug #24

January 14, 2011

Hug #24
Thursday, December 16 8:30-9:30 am
Dearborn and Monroe

So much has happened since we last hugged. I have felt family, distance, sadness, sharing, laughter, uncertainty in myself, immense love for others. I have felt untethered. Like one of the escaped balloons from a past hug, tugged and pushing with the wind.

I remember watching people come up from the entrance to Monroe Station, on Dearborn and Monroe that Thursday morning. The smiles that would begin to spread as the faces emerged. I remember the encouragement from people in their cars, through the windshield, their nods and cheers. And somehow I have not written about this hug for almost a month. I remember thinking about it, details, nuance, conceptual ideas and universal truths. The days got away from me, I felt time slipping, sliding.

I thought about the hug then, and for a moment I thought it was over. I thought there would be no more hugs. That somehow we had moved through them, even lost interest.

We both felt we had fallen into a habit or lost the momentum of our previous passion. I thought about my friends and my family. How I want to hug them sometimes and can’t,why they aren’t here to hug me. I think to call them, to send them a letter, and then I am distracted, and time goes by. Eventually we do get in touch and I find the love is not gone, it remains intact, even strong. I want them to love me because I love them. And I think that’s it. If I could hug them all at once, I’d bet I could give to them all the power of the universe. I feel like I could.

So I am looking forward to our Hug Reunion tomorrow, and looking forward to its evolution, and excited by new Hug horizons. The sun may shine for us tomorrow on a cold winter morning. And we will be warm in each others arms and the arms of so many others.

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  1. Carol Zalek permalink
    January 14, 2011 5:54 am

    I’m so glad that you feel like sharing this, writing again, now. A lot HAS happened; sometimes we can’t put it all out there at that moment. Most importantly, know that we know your hugs exist; we feel them; I hope you do, too, and know that the love is always alive and constant. Your message and thoughts are beautiful and appreciated tonight. Sleep well; sleep peacefully. xoxo

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