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Hug #25

January 21, 2011

Hug #25

Friday, January 14, 8:00-0:00 am
SE corner of Jackson and Dearborn

“Spread the oxytocin around, I love it!”-Woman passing

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That was the comment that lead to a three hour and then another 24 hour departure to this post. Not all of it reading about it and related websites, theories and experiments, but much more reading than I have ever have on this subject. Oytocin, the “hormone of love,” shares some blissful properties of his cousin serotonin. One of these mysterious hormones that make us happy and make us dream.

And then this search went meandering, as many things via web, it took me to a metaphysical place, a blend of science and religion, which is calling itself The first link I finally pressed, after reading the mission and other links like “The Molecular Biology of Paradise,” “Superhappiness?” and “Wired Hedonism” was ““The Reproductive Revolution” from a talk at the Touch Me Festival in Zagreb, December 2008. In the document, it outlines BioConservatism and BioRevolution and the Future of Humans. Designer babies. The ability to genetically abolish suffering, evolve to superintelligence and immortality and other extraordinary things. Eventually I find that the concept is the idea of philosopher David Pearce, who believes in the use of biotechnology to abolish suffering. Check it out, aint no lie. But news to me, so naturally, I am intrigued. I digress, a common theme.

Then back to the blog about the Touch Me Festival, where I find out about an artist group called [KONTEINER] and some amazing images on this page set my imagination reeling. Inspiration surging. I multi-task in response, eventually leaving the computer altogether.

After 24 hours of sleeping, waking, installing a new door with Chris, crazy-busy-at-work, visiting with friends, and eating, I am back to thinking about the Hug. How is it related? This oxytocin, which for sure Aurora and I ARE cultivating, it is naturally occuring in us. We dont have to go the distance to fight for superhumanism or immortality to understand that positive energy is priceless. Now, before, then, or in the future when we are always happy. Doesn’t it sound divine, to be a little happier now? Even if only for those few moments? I am too impatient to wait the 1,000 years it will take us to get to the freedom from suffering. Instead I will persevere to cultivate love simply now, surrounded by strangers, supported and loved by those that will share.

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  1. Carol Zalek permalink
    January 21, 2011 5:08 am

    Thanks for the synopsis of your research. I think you got it right. Hugs – and good energy from good people – right here and now! xoxo

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