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Hug #28

February 15, 2011

Hug #28
Adams and State
February 4, 2:45-3:30 pm

Abbreviated Hug. I sing a song. It’s a hurried one. Not because of the cold so much, no, that’s not it. In front of the Starbucks on State Street, the people are travelling by, travelling by. And the people are travelling by.

I like to watch people, I like to read their expressions. I know it’s not fair, not real, in a way. The faces of people I see on the street is not an accurate reflection of who they are or what they are thinking, necessarily. I also don’t think it’s about me or my feelings today. I think there is something sort-of grim in the air today, maybe they are tired and sore from shoveling, tired of crammed CTA cars and the long waits at the stops. Or maybe having to go to work again after having a day or two off unexpectedly is simply not fun.

On the eve and day after the big snow, people came out together, really together, in ways that felt tremendous, community, giving. Neighbors helped each other out, laughed at the ridiculousness of the weather and of the state of the city. When we all have something in common like that, a real something that we all have to face, it amazes me how willing we are to give to the common goal. It’s a beautiful part of human nature.

So, with the blizzard past, we have to go on with life as it was. It seems the blizzard was a disruption, and for many, a welcome one, to offer the shift we are not quick to make ourselves in our daily routines. Aurora and I are disrupted too, as we spend some time talking and eating chocolate cake which eats into the Hug time.

Ah, I think, its OK. We are friends and collaborators and we are still searching. Searching for longevity, for sustenance, the will to keep going, to keep Hugging. We long to find meaning in the art we are making, to find meaning in the love we nurture in each other. And it makes me sing a short song. It is me who is still in these moments, really me. Really us. We are not just travelling by, travelling by. We are still, we are smiles, we are bright shiny eyes looking out at the world. We are Hugging for us, and we are Hugging for you.

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  1. Carol Zalek permalink
    February 16, 2011 1:35 am

    Wise observation. Storms and such seem to be sent to remind us to be and share our very best. Too often, we need them to happen. If we were our very best w/o the storms, would they cease to be?

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