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Hug #30

February 25, 2011

Hug #30

Friday, February 18, 8:00-9:00 am
Monroe and Dearborn, SW Corner

Hug #30

Hug #30, Friday, Feb 18 State and Monroe, SW corner

This song I wrote, inspired by Hugging. Someday soon I will figure out how to play it for you. ❤

There are two breaths, in our bellies,
push and pull, ebb and flow.

It is our silence, and our feelings,
It is our watching, and our stillness,
and its spilling, spilling out now,
spilling out onto the sidewalk.

And a tear begins to fall, now, for a moment,
too much feeling,
and I catch it on your shoulder, and its soaked up,
you absorb it, let it go.

The smiles of you, coming toward me,
a stranger, and new friend,
you have seen me spilling tears,
and you make my smile return.

I love you, Miss Aurora
And I love you, passing stranger,
I see you, in my loving, and I think I see myself.

There is a feeling spilling out now,
and its out on the sidewalk,
and its smiling, its inviting,
wont you pick it up and hand it out?

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