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Hug #32

March 11, 2011

Friday, March 4, 8-9:00 a.m.
State and Lake, SE corner

A giant of a man, bigger than both of us, enveloped us in a Hug. I felt transported, for a moment, as if the Hug had grown larger than us, and our individual selves had disappeared.

Hug #32

Hug #32, March 4, State and Lake

And with that, I invite you to read what Aurora posted this week. I am stunned by her description of our work, honored to share breaths with her, tears and laughter, and a loving friendship that knows no end, only sees possibilities of the future.

Letter to fellow artist (by Aurora Tabar)

To a fellow artist:

To answer your question
my current movement project involves hugging
It is a dance for two people
and most of the movement consists of standing still
with micro-adjustments to stay balanced
It is the dance of sensing one another’s breath
There is no audience
only other participants
performing complex choreographies of walking, stopping, crossing the street

It is quite a post-modern dance
It involves weight sharing and gravity
It is based on a Hijikata poem
There is approximately one costume change
There is one entrance and one exit but no backstage
We do have understudies

This dance is both improvised and rehearsed
I would say it deconstructs classical techniques and forges into pedestrian exploration
I would say it has nothing to do with acting
but something to do with reacting
It is not original.
It is a dance that two people can do anywhere anytime for any reason
(that may or may not be related to making art)

I love you, Aurora!

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