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Hug #35

April 1, 2011

Hug #35
March 25, 2011 3:20-4:20 pm
North and Milwaukee

“That’s awkward”

My first Wicker Park hug. Carole joins me again this week and today we fit together better. We figure out our body dynamics. We settle in. Lots of hip well-dressed twenty and thirty-somethings pass by. That and young mothers with fancy strollers. People seem skeptical of us, critical somehow. “Well, that’s awkward,” some kid says as he walks by. “It’s not cool to be warm,” Carole tells me.

A woman and her son come up to us. The mother asks us to explain what we are doing. I tell them we are hugging because we think hugs are great. We want to encourage people to show love through physical affection. “This is Charlie and he’s 8,” the mother says. “He’s very very good at giving hugs.” To demonstrate, the two start hugging. Charlie squeezes his mom tightly. After a minute she asks him if he’s ready to go but he shakes his head no and they continue to hug right next to us. Charlie and his mom get it.


HUG Manifesto (inspired by Yvonne Rainer)

No to irony
No to deception
No to sarcasm
No to cheap laughs
No to illusions
No to mass production
No to materialism
No to consumption
No to makeup
No to violence
No to TV
No to virtuosity
No to fundamentalism

Yes to expansion
Yes to sincerity
Yes to slowing down
Yes to presence
Yes to questions
Yes to connection
Yes to intensity
Yes to fear
Yes to dancing
Yes to teaching
Yes to learning
Yes to friends
Yes to embraces
Yes to comedy
Yes to silence
Yes to love

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