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Hug #37

April 15, 2011

‎Hug # 37
April 8, 2011 8:15-8:50 am
Jackson and Michigan Ave.

“thank you”

ooooooo. I was a cold mist day. and we weren’t quite dressed for it. Seemed warmer on the way in-sort of. The wind came up on one side of my body so my bones shivered. Disengaged from the Hug in a way that felt somewhat familiar. I have been here before. Thinking about what am I doing this for? And why do we keep on? Yes. Yes. Familiar thoughts.

And through those thoughts I have been re-engaged in some unexpected way, some thread finds its way.

Connected after feeling the loss,

the feeling of finding again is slow,

sneaking up on me to fill me up,

after I have given up.

Is it the giving up? My stomach has been so tight. Holding. Sucking in to fill the void. And this cold drizzle is whipping up my hair and Aurora’s face feels warms but her body feels so very far away. And we are chattering on. We are wondering what we are doing, what is laying on the horizon. We are nervous, even anxious, excited. We are bound together in this spirit, strengthening our selves by holding our arms around one another. Today we are short in patience with the cold wet. We leave the Hug before the hour is up, but I know we have not given up. We persevere.

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  1. Carol Zalek permalink
    April 15, 2011 9:16 pm

    Oh, I hurt for you and pray that you feel warm and full again.

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