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Hug #44

June 5, 2011

Hug #44
Monday, May 30, 2-3 pm
Douglas Park

The smell of BBQ and music emanating
from open cars
and also
an ice cream truck,
Tchaikovsky-You Are My Sunshine-Jingle Bell-Rap
Some songs are more recognizable than others

My body is a teetering tower,
Stiff and unbalanced,
Swaying with the wind
at the speed of grass
Blending in with the yellow water lilies,
We become part of the landscape.

The fronts if our bodies are wet with perspiration.
I close my eyes, breathe,
and Sara reminds me to keep my knees soft

40’s and fishing by the lagoon
Coleslaw, laughter, and smoked meat
People unfurl from their week
Letting go
Letting loose
Relaxed but not curious
why two white girls are stationed near the park
Doing something strange

Rather we are a bump in the landscape
Out of place as an interrupting patch of green
Amidst acres of concrete
We remain steady,
our bodies monument to non-violence
On a lazy, Memorial Day afternoon


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