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Hug #46

July 2, 2011
Hug #46 Ohio Street Beach 8:30 am

Hug #46 Ohio Street Beach 8:30 am

Hug #46
June 17, 2011 8:20-9:20 am
Ohio St Beach

Hug Workout #1

Stretch. Begin in child’s pose. Cat, Cow, Spine Wriggle. Downward Dog. Pedal Feet. Twist. Upward Dog. Push up a few times. Exhale forcefully. Inhale deeply. Hang loosely, weight forward, shake head softly side-side, yes-no. Rise vertebrae by vertebrae, tail dropping down, Head drawn up by a thread. Feeling all the corners of the feet.

Embrace the other. Arms rest, hold, receive, squeeze, smooth, imperceptible gentleness. Head rests on the shoulder, the chest, weight forward, into the other while holding, rooted firmly in ground. Grow inside. Feel breath fill the body, and exhale, take in. Notice. Shift weight. Switch sides. Stillness. Respond. Rub. Silence. Smile. Release.

Stretch. Hang torso over legs, weight in the balls of the feet. Shake gently. Roll up, gently. Soft twists to the right and left, swinging arms, tapping chest, tapping lower back with loose fists. Inhale, Exhale.

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