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Hug Anytime

August 4, 2011


I ask you. What have our hugs become?

Commitment to each other, it’s a pact. A contract.

I stand by you, you stand by me.
And Why Not? our expectations are lost now that we’ve found our way, or are finding, I should say.

Rooted. Family. This new feeling, she’s my baby on the front looking out, and I see the world in fresh colors and smells, the dream, she returns with a memory telling of future.

Anticipating splatty raindrops
undulating cicadas, hot wind in trees,

birds clicking.
Darkening sky

Sneeze. Low hum, chirp, silence
Feeling my toes on the grass at sunset.


I long only for the other,
To feel as a part of one.

One Comment leave one →
  1. Carol Zalek permalink
    August 7, 2011 9:05 pm

    So lovely and so wise. . .

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