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Hug #52

September 30, 2011

Hug #52
August 21, 2011, 1-2 pm central time
Angora Sculptures in Chicago, the Brooklyn Bridge and beyond!

annie and sarah on the brooklyn bridge

group hug on the brooklyn bridge

A very belated thank you to all who came out to hug last month for our 52nd hug. A solid group turned out at the Angora Sculptures in Chicago. We also had friends hugging on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and received photos from other huggers all over the world. Thank you also to those of you who wanted to come or had us in your thoughts. Since the hug last month many people have told me they had wanted to participate but were not able. So perhaps this belated reflection is a good reminder that it is never too late! You can still participate in your own hug performance any time by following these simple instructions:

1. Find a partner
2. Find a place
3. HUG!

We like to hug continuously for an hour in different public locations, but feel free to adapt our hug performance to your liking.

Here is a little poem in honor of Hug #52…

proportions are skewed
as legs become hollow bodies
our bodies hollow and adapt, shape to inviting contours
we are a school
a tribe
a pack
a flight
a congregation
a swarm
we stand feet rooted but gently swaying in wind
with breath
Suddenly like viscous we melt onto concrete
Laterally we become the horizon
is this love?
ooh baby, is this love?
are we home?
Something here feels like healing,
like true genuine healing
like passionate, joyous healing
if we just slow down reach our arms around
and hug.

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