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Revive the HUG! @Ravenswood Art Walk 2013

September 5, 2013

October 6, noon-1pm

We were incredibly lucky to again be invited to participate in the Ravenswood Art Walk on Oct. 6 by Elizabeth Wenscott. Elizabeth will host us in her beautiful space, The Tai Chi Center of Chicago.

For this hug our intention is to get as many people to visit and participate as possible. We look forward to hugging you there!

Hug Us! HUG is an ongoing project organized by Aurora Tabar and Sara Zalek that encourages love and healing through touch.
In 2011 these artists and others hugged continuously in public locations around Chicago. On this day, we will revive the Hug to remind us how important is it to be present and willing to offer our bodies to each other in this way.


Reaching out to touch someone is a lasting symbol of what it means to be human and a universal sign of healing.
By doing so you will cultivate COMPASSION*PEACE*JOY FRIENDLINESS*HAPPINESS in yourself and all around you.

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